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  Welcome to DBK -

Making the finest hand-crafted scabbards,
for the discerning collector of fine swords.

~ ~ ~

"This scabbard and many others on the dbkcustomswords page are breathtakingly beautiful. The art of medieval scabbards is much neglected. For obvious reasons they do not exist in such brightly coloured splendour in present-day collections. However this is exactly what high status scabbards would have looked like at the time. Pure art. Pure delight. And all this before it receives added bling with the stunning chape and locket that have been fashioned for it. It is extraordinary how Hollywood has peddled the grubby, faded faux-medieval look for so long, when the reality was such sumptuous splendour. The patient, painstaking, exquisite work by artists such as Brian Kunz (the man who made this scabbard) along with a whole army of craftsmen who bring the middle ages back to life in colour in various mťtiers, continues to build a new image of this misrepresented period in our collective mindís eye. All power to all of them. We appreciate what you do." - November, 2016.

Mike Loades - facebook page
Best known as a television Host/Presenter and for his on screen appearances as a military historian and historical weapons expert in dozens of documentaries, Mike has also worked in the industry in a variety of roles both in front of and behind the camera.

~ ~ ~


Scabbard Gallery Pommel Markers Featured Projects

Albion Svante Medieval Sword Scabbard

Clover Cross Enameled Pommel Marker

Albion Prince Medieval Sword Scabbard

If you enjoy my work, and feel like giving something to help support my art, it would be very much appreciated. A large portion of donated funds goes towards research, materials, and also give me more financial flexibility to experiment and learn new techniques.

Then the king looked upon the sword, and liked it passing well. "Whether liketh you better," said Merlin, "the sword or the scabbard?" "Me liketh better the sword," said King Arthur.ó"Ye are more unwise," said Merlin; "for the scabbard is worth ten of the sword; for while ye have the scabbard upon you ye shall lose no blood, be ye never so sore wounded ; therefore keep well the scabbard always with you."

~   ~   ~

Just some of my testimonials...

"C'est magnifique! Truly a work of medieval art!"

"...at least to my knowledge no other contemporary craftsman quite matches your skill at carving and shaping leather."
Rune V.

"Truly the work of a master."
D. Xavier de Paulo

"I highly recommend Brian. His customer service and willingness to work with you are simply second to none."
Scott K.

"I don't know how to explain it, it's just amazing, a dream come true."
Freddie S.

"To say I'm blown away would be an understatement - I simply can't emphasize enough how fantastic this piece is!"
David L.

"Itís perfect, you really are the best in the business."
Lucian W.

Full testimonials below -

~   ~   ~

"Hey Brian,

The scabbard arrived yesterday and just like when I opened the pictures of it for the first time my first reaction was, "wow!" The piece is stunning and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Thanks for your patience in incorporating the design elements I wanted and your skill in making it a reality, this thing this awesome! The next time I head to a renaissance fair or rewatch the Lord of the Rings, the scabbard will be at my side.


Maris K.


The scabbard arrived safely this afternoon. What a great packaging job!

Matched the sword to the scabbard Ė a wonderful fit, went in smoothly, no binding. And the fit is perfect, just the right amount of snugness.

The belt fits me well. And Iíll have my son over for this weekend for him to try it on.

Couldnít be more please. The scabbard is even more beautiful in person. I really do like the design and colors. And the workmanship is the best.

Even my wife, who is has no real love for my hobbies and interests, gave it high praise and allowed it would look nice in the living room instead of in the man-cave. Happy wife, happy life.

Best Regards,"

Raymond D.

"Hi Brian,

The sword and sheath arrived last night. It looks, feels, and handles fantastically. Thank you again for your outstanding work!

Stay well"

Kenneth M.


Scabbard arrived on Wednesday in perfect shape! The packing and care taken in shipping were excellent.

Itís hard to describe the feeling of finally owning and holding something Iíve been dreaming about for close to a decade. As soon as I finally had the chance to purchase an Albion sword I knew I wanted one of your pieces of art to help protect and store it. And art is truly what it is.

Thank you for all your communication, your willingness to work with my budget and manage all the parts and ideas I had in my head and bringing them to reality.

I canít wait for a good excuse to break everything out and finally get the whole kit together."

Nehemiah B.

"DAMN...You must have made Russian nesting dolls in another life... Scabbard arrived just now...It is spectacular; Well worth the money and the wait IMHO. THANK YOU!"


"Brian; sword and scabbard arrived safely with no drama :).

As you said pictures donít do it justice. I feel honoured to have it and am completely blown away by your mastery. Thank you very much sir - I am grateful."

Daniel N.

"Hey Brian,

Just wanted to let you know I received the sword today, and I'm still giggling with joy like a child on Christmas. I am so stunned by how beautiful the sword and your work are, completely out of words! The packaging was amazing, blew me away honestly!

Once again thank you for your fantastic work, I couldn't be happier 🙂

Daniel R.

"Hey! Just wanted to let you know the scabbard arrived and boy am I one happy customer! Words canít do it justice- Thanks again for everything, youíre an absolute legend!"
Peter R.

"Hi Brian
The package has arrived today safe and sound. Thank you so much for this beautyful piece of craftmans art. It will get a very prominent place in the living room.
Thanks again and all the best.
Kind regards,"

"A relevant tale so please bear with me. A couple of months ago my daughter had a birthday party to attend in s small town called Kyogle in Nth NSW Australia. Dropped her off at the location and went for a walk in the small main street with my younger daughter and came across an establishment, "The Leather Shop". Went in and had a chat to the owner Mario about options to wrap handles for knives, swords, etc... and the talk basically centered around the subject. At one point he got his phone, then he showed me an image from a site, whilst commenting that "This guy does the most amazing leather work I have ever seen".
Very few places one can find decent leather workers in the area I live let alone an actual storefront.
That site was DBK.
In a little town in Nth NSW, in a shop I had just happened to discover, an outstanding leatherworker in his own right. This guy had your site bookmarked on his phone.
Exemplary craftsmanship."
Anonymous, Facebook

"Hello Brian,
I got a delivery today...!
WOW almost Speechless!!!
How beautiful sexy gorgeous this is you made for my Svante!!!
It is just absolutely stunning and perfect in every detail!
The fit and finish is wonderful to say the least !
I absolutely love it! Canít wait to show it to my brother!
Thank you so very much for all your input and attention to your craft, everything you make is just Plain stunning !!!
Thank you sooo much!

All the best!"
Thomas S.

"Hi Brian,

I received the scabbard. It is absolutely stunning! Even better than in the pictures. The colors, the tool work, the hardware, all are flawlessly executed. The belts fit perfectly and everything is tight and solid. Truly the work of a master.

Thank you again,"
D. Xavier de Paulo

"Hey Brian,

Finally had the opportunity to hold the scabbard in my hands. The workmanship is impeccable, and it is truly masterfully done in all regards. From the leatherwork, to the buckles, chape, and others, it's immaculate.

I'm honestly at a loss for words. This is beyond the quality of heirloom I could have anticipated, and I know this will truly be treasured for generations.

I can't thank you enough for your time, expertise, and timely responses throughout this process. For something that's been in the works for years, holding it now in my hands is a truly surreal experience. I couldn't be happier with how my initial design translated through your own artistic eye. You are second to none, and should I ever require similar services again in the future, you will without a doubt be my only choice. Likewise, I'll be sure to send anyone your way who marvels at the work you have done here. I've already received quite a few comments on its beauty.

It has been an absolute pleasure and a blast working with you.
Thank you for everything.

James Z.

"Hey Brian,

I meant to email yesterday after I received the scabbard but was too busy trying it on and swinging my sword around lol.

Itís perfect, you really are the best in the business. Thank you again for your hard work and best wishes for you and your family in these crazy times."
Lucian W.

"Hello Brian!

I received the scabbard todayóitís even more incredible in person! Thank you so much for all of the skill and care you put into making it, itís quite a work of art and craftsmanship. Itís very special to me, and I will cherish it for the rest of my life.

Thanks again,"
Matt S.

"THE EAGLE HAS LANDED. I just got back from the post office and have tried the sword in the scabbard. It fits perfectly. It also looks stunning. Thank you so much Brian for this masterpiece.
You have really pulled out all the stops and I am very grateful."
Peter C.

"Hey Brian, my scabbard arrived today and frankly, you knocked it out of the park, brother!! The fit and finish is incredible, and the custom artwork you added is beyond my wildest expectation! I am SO pleased. Not that it matters to you but the custom artwork is a coat of arms that belonged to my family back in the 13th and 14th Century. My intent was to have something that bears this coat of arms and pass it down to future generations. This scabbard and the sword it sheaths is an awesome way of doing that! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Part 2; First of all, I hope you're doing well in this crazy "social distancing" world we live in right now! I don't exactly know what to believe as most of those doing the talking also seem to have an agenda. Somebody PLEASE bring back the days of Dragnet's Joe Friday: "All we want are the facts, ma'am."

Anyway, the real reason I wrote is to tell you once again how infatuated I am with this scabbard (is it weird to say that about an inanimate object??). It is absolutely beautiful, and I find myself strapping it on just to walk around the house (my wife and daughter thinks I'm nuts but my son loves it!). It fits like a glove (not OJ's) and that's part of what makes wearing it so much fun. I have other scabbards that range from poor-fitting and slovenly to downright worthless, but this one feels as great as it looks! And the two-piece system with the hook and the distributor make it MUCH easier to put on and get off.

Giving you the freedom to create this scabbard to match my sword was a terrific choice too, one that I would recommend it to anyone who's not exactly sure what he or she wants. It took a lot of stress off me - because I've never built a damn scabbard - and you created something that is far better than I would've come up with myself. I have it on display for those times when I'm not wearing it. It's truly a work of art and I couldn't be happier with it

Oh, and I haven't even touched upon the Celtic cross pommel markers you sent me! As with the scabbard, you made the right choice regarding the finish...the bronze looks amazing in my Albion Munich!

Thanks for being a true craftsman, artist, and historian. This is something I will truly cherish for the rest of my years. Now go wash your hands!

Kind regards,
Tucker S.

"Hi Brian,

Picked up the sword and scabbard from FedEx today.

Wow, just - wow. Truly a work of art! Which, of course, is no surprise after my last purchase.

Thank you once again for your amazing work, for your patience with my many questions, and most of all, for your absolutely terrific customer service. It is truly appreciated.

Thanks again, for everything.

Take care,"
David L.


I absolutely love the sword, the scabbard, even the case it was shipped in; opening it up almost made me feel like I was working with some museum's most valuable artifact! Awesome way to receive it, and I'm very excited to finally have it in hand. Thanks for the incredible work!"
Jackson B.


Just picked up my blade and scabbard. Itís beautiful!!!! The pictures didnít do it justice!!!
Thank you, so much!!!"
Keith L.


It's here and it looks even better in person. The color looks exactly how I want it and the fit with the sword is perfect. And now I can really see the professional workmanship. I don't know how to explain it, its just amazing, a dream come true.

A heartfelt thank you,"
Freddie S.

"I received the scabbard Friday and I am truly impressed with it. The colors are spot on and look great in person. Thanks for being so helpful with the design process and when I pick my next Albion I will be thrilled to commission another scabbard. Thank you,"
Sam W.


Sword and Scabbard arrived safely.

Thank you again for your work; it is truly outstanding and I look forward to using it (and showing it off, frankly) in my hema practice with my local club.

I plan on getting an Alexandria, Soldat, or a Maximilian next year and plan on getting in line for another commission if you continue your craft and offer scabbards for those sword(s).

Again, thank you very much and take care!"
Brad H.

"Hi Brian,

Finally received the scabbard today. To say I'm blown away would be an understatement - I simply can't emphasize enough how fantastic this piece is!

Thanks so much for your work on this, and for your patience with my many questions.

Looking forward to the Caithness scabbard! Let me know when you'll need the design specs from me.

Thanks again!"
David L.

"Hi Brian,

the sword and scabbard were delivered last night, a nice surprise to be a day early. Really fantastic work. I'm amazed at the belt color, it's almost purple, and not something I would normally do, but the hilt and belt look very eye-catching, and that is what I was after. I really like the custom rust brown color of the scabbard, it is a very good color and I really appreciate you working on it. The two colors blend really well together. The chape and the wiregrip look fantastic as do all the incision work and touches all over the piece. I'm very happy with it and thank you again very much for such a neat project!

All the best,"
Kem N.


I received the storage scabbard for my Earl today. I am really impressed. It's superbly made, and the fit is literally perfect. This is going to make storage a lot better for me. Thank you very much.

Hugh K.

"Brian Ė

I received sword and scabbard on time, and I am exceedingly impressed with the work. I love the leather color, and the overall design was exactly what I had in mind. The fit and finish are perfect.

Thanks again for the exceptional work! I will be sure to call when I get my next AlbionÖ"
Aaron B.

"Brian, just wanted to say it got here safely and everything is in good order. I like the scabbard even more in person than I did in the photos. Two other observations: first, I tried it on (fits great!) and itís really cool to wear the sword for the first time. Second, in a strange way I like the Viceroy itself more now that itís paired with the scabbard. I see it in a new light; it feels complete.

Anyway you worked some magic here and Iím truly impressed. Thanks for building me this work of art.

Brian M.

"Good evening Brian,

I just had a good long while to appreciate the craftsmanship and Iím blown away! Absolutely astonishing. Beautiful work, Brian! Iím extremely pleased with how you brought our vision for this sword to fruition, thank you.

The fit is just immaculate, btw.

Again, thank you so much,"
Eugene T.

"Hi Brian,
the package was just delivered to me, what a joy! FedEx shipped it in no time ones it had cleared customs.

You did a really good job on the scabbard and the Conan belt. It is amazing, what delicate construction work went into the straps that connect and intertwine on the back of the scabbard. The colour shade of the leather looks very interesting, aged in a good way, just as if it had returned from some kind of crusade. The blade can be drawn with ease, a very good fit indeed. I donĎt know what to say, it is worth the wait and every penny! Thank you very much!

And the separate belt is very great as well. I love the pattern, the colour and the metal pieces, it goes very well with the scabbard it is intended for.
A pity, that I could not get the whole Atlantean scabbard, as I did not want to risk sending my sword over there. But as I already mentioned, I am thinking of buying the other Atlantean version from Albion (the Destroyer version that is) and let them send it directly to you for making another scabbard. But this will have to wait unless I wanted to risk a divorce right now ;-)

Brian, it is a pleasure doing business with you. Your work is outstanding and matches my high expectations on every level. I will definitely be back for more someday in the not too distant future.

Thank you and thank you again,"
Joerg H.

"Hi Brian,
it has arrived!! First of all let me tell you that of all parcels I have ever received, yours was the most carefully packed.. You could have sent raw eggs in that, the'd have arrived unharmed.
The scabbard.. well it's a work of art. I can't say how much I am pleased, everything is perfect - from the fit, the shape, the materials, the colours. Not to mention the chape that so beautifully compliments the pommel shape. I can't thank you enough, and am extremely happy that we decided to start this project. Again, you are an artist and a scholar, and it shows. Many, many thanks for creating a truly magnificent centerpiece for my collection, that I shall cherish for the years to come. You just got yourself one (more?) huge fan overseas.."
Andrea F.


The pictures simply did not do this justice! And you sir are very good at taking pictures of your creations. Of three scabbards and belts that you have made for me this is by far my favorite. It is amazing to just look at it and catch something new every time that I do. My wife has said the same thing since I have opened it up. You nailed what I was looking for with this one.

I know that I feel privileged to not only have watched your craft grow on the internet but also to personally own pieces of your artwork from different times in this period.

I am looking forward to being able to do another project with you when the funds allow.

Keep up the great work!"
Scott K.


Firstly, thank you. I received my commission late last night and I am astounded by the beauty of this fine piece of crafted artistry. It is even more beautiful in person than pictures can do justice. What is really amazing is that the marvel doesn't stop there by any stretch; to hold the scabbard and to let fingers run over its surface is truly where the art comes to life. The fit and finish is second to none; turning my Munich over, the scabbard secured it perfectly in place. I chose DBK not only for the quality of your work and obvious attention to detail in craftsmanship, but also the attention to detail that you devote to your clients. The testimonials tell the story; but moreover, I could see from the designs that certainly there was uniqueness that likely was influenced from client ideas and expectations that you delivered on. I wanted to work with someone that would be open to the creative process of incorporating my own ideas as well. In this respect, I could not be any more pleased with the experience of working with you to realize a scabbard that imparts all of the heraldic imagery that went into my original design of my coat of arms. This sword and scabbard combination is already one of my most prized possessions and I consider myself both fortunate and blessed own them.

Highest Regards,"
Christian S.

"Hi Brian,

Scabbard and Sword arrived safely tonight. Extremely beautiful work. It's an exciting piece to hold and the green is a magnificent color. Love the gold pins and the black tone under the tooling, and the black thread on the throat. Little details like that really make everything come together. I'm extremely happy with it! The 2.5 suspension is a very interesting feature. I suspect it takes a little time to find a good balance with one's girth and height, but it hangs well for now. I'll play with it more, it's kind of interesting to see what happens.

Anyhow, the fit is very smooth and I could tell the high quality right away. A phenomenal job! I'll certainly want to contact you for another scabbard, I just need to figure out which sword wants a great scabbard like this one the most!

Thanks again,"
Kem N.

"Hello Brian,

Received my new scabbard yesterday. I'm sorry for the delay in giving you my thoughts, I'm in the middle of writing a paper for publication. Truly, my scabbard is more beautiful than I could have imagined. Fits like a glove despite the "sword-less" order. My girlfriend, who usually disapproves of this sort of exorbitant expenditure, is quite taken with it. I cannot wait until I'm able to own another of your scabbards. My next one will be a fantasy scabbard for my dagger from Tod's Stuff - one of his Durer daggers - which looks quite demonic. I look forward to my next commission from you. You're truly a modern master.

Until then,

Your most loyal customer,"
Dan Nissley

"I just wanted to quickly drop you a line to say that I got the shipment and it looks stupendous!! I am very impressed with it and I appreciate your expert craftsmanship! I have not had too much time to go over it thoroughly as I am busy with my kids at this time but I of course tried it on and it is one big mo-fo!! You do truly great work and it was worth every penny! I also love the smell..."
Abram Trevino

"Hello Brian,
First, I hope that you and your family are doing well! Second, I just both received and opened my package from UPS and let me just say that I am absolutely blown away! The pictures don't even do it justice when compared to seeing and handling it in person, which is saying something as the pictures on your site are simply amazing! This has me almost at a loss for words and I am in awe of the quality and craftsmanship of this stunning scabbard. This, hands down, is my favorite effigy scabbard and I am overjoyed that I can call it my own! Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to our next project together!"
Nick W.

"Hey Brian, after some minor difficulties with the German customs, the scabbard arrived today. I have to say...... it is more beautiful than expected. My Baron fits in perfect. An Exceptionally beautiful piece of medieval art and every dollar worth.
Thank you so much!"
Martin H.

"Brian Ė I just received the scabbard and it is awesome! Thank you once again. . .worth the very long wait. . .and no doubt will be the envy of all my fellow sword fighters."
- Michelle Farkas

"I received the shipment in my hands last Friday and had been admiring the entire ensemble for part of the weekend until other matters required my attention (relating to work), so apologies for the tardy reply. I wanted to respond sooner but finally found some time today to do so.

Let me just say that I'm absolutely blown away by how everything all came together! Just a fantastic package all around!

She's definitely a beauty and feels so lively; the Kingmaker does not disappoint! And while the sword itself feels awesome in the hand, the work on the scabbard and belt is phenomenal, from everything relating to the color scheme (love that dark ox blood), the impressive scrollwork/tooling (the military crest/sigil and Latin motto came out exquisitely), to the fit and finish of the materials.

The belt fits my waist like a dream, and the sheath holds the blade perfectly. My wife and I were both just in awe of the detailing (I really appreciate the "crown" motif that you added to the terminated throat -- a very nice touch there) and commanding presence that the sword, scabbard, and belt all exude together as a whole. This will certainly be the crown jewel of my display!

Once again, thank you, Brian, for all of your hard work, your patience in dealing with my many questions, and for realizing our collective ideas into reality, with a regal sword fit for a king! It's definitely a memorable way to start off the new year! Should I find myself lucky enough to own another European-style sword, I'll be sure to keep you in mind for a commission project in the future.

Cheers and best regards!"
- Tim

"It has arrived! It is a spectacular work of art that I am so proud to own. It surpasses all my expectations, and as I said when I first saw the pictures, PERFECTION!!! It is really something to hold and admire. Thank you so very much for your help and guidance in making it. All your recommendations were spot on! You are a true master.
I purchased this sword to reflect the Scotch-Irish side of my family. The design goes perfectly with my Targe.
Thank you so much again. I wish you, your family and friends all the best. Take care.
- Tom Carson

"Good morning Brian. I received the scabbard safe and sound on Friday although I didn't open it until this morning with my boys. They wanted to help. It looks great! Thank you for all your work. I like the chape design on the back side because it looks like an M at least that's what I think even when you first showed me the design. The Knights Templar had a devotion to Mary, the Mother of God so I thought it was fitting to add the first part of the "Hail Mary" in Latin. This will serve in my work as a high school Religion teacher in a classical high school. The boys will especially enjoy it I think.

Again, thank you for your work. I am happy that I went with you and not the other options available to me.

- David Maciborski


I just picked up my scabbard from UPS this afternoon: wow! It's everything I could have asked for, magnificent! You have once again proven yourself to be a Master of your craft and if I ever get money again (that my wife will let me spend...) I will definitely be coming back to you for dressing my other Albions. Thank you so much once again; it was worth every penny and every minute of being on the waiting list! Have a wonderful day and weekend."
- Bob Foster


The journey from commission to completion has been absolutely wonderful. Your communication with me throughout the build made the experience very personal and pleasant. Your professionalism and mastery of your art can be observed in the stunning beauty and craftsmanship of your product. I commend your dedication and thank you for the beautiful scabbard that now rests in my little castle.

Your patron always,"
- Tom Allen

"Hi Brian,

My scabbard and sword arrived safely yesterday, and I couldn't be happier. I have several scabbards from other well-regarded makers in your price bracket, and I have to say that yours is by far the best executed. The fit to the blade is perfect, and every seam and detail is clean. You perfectly captured my (admittedly simple) idea for this scabbard, and I very much look forward to working with you on the scabbard for my Munich in the coming months.

Thanks for all of your hard work!"
- Dan N.

"Dear Brian,

I'm happy and pleased to report that your package arrived today by UPS. The scabbard is splendid! It's one thing to see these things in the pictures and another thing entirely to feel the texture of the leather in your fingers, to examine the sewing and the leather's perfect fit and finish, to examine the tooling with eye and hand, to feel the heft of this beautiful and elegant creature, and, -joy of joys- to take my Albion Knight broadsword out of its box, and to find it slip perfectly and smoothly into place in the scabbard. Even the smell of the steel mixing with the scent of newly finished leather is part of an experience of bliss. Thank you so very much for this project!

Again, thank you so much for all your work on this project. I'm very pleased to be an owner of some of your art, then I will be happy to recommend you to any one who asks me admiringly and even enviously about this scabbard - of which, I have absolutely no doubt, there will be very many.

- J. Stephen Hayes

"Dear Brian,

You have a statement on your home page ďI share my business with my wife, and together we make a great team. We're very proud of each and every one of our custom works. We hope DBK Custom Swords can make you proud too.Ē And I can only say, you have made me (and my wife) very proud.

Recently we received the Sword from Albion inside your Scabbard (the Scabbard), we also received the three pouches almost simultaneously.

I (we) are very impressed - the scabbard is beautiful and surpasses my expectations by miles (further I was very impressed with the response on Facebook). I now own a unique, beautiful, excellent piece of your hand, please do never stop Ö showing off is made easy being backed up by your scabbard Ö

The pouches impressed both of us and we are already showing them off at any occasion we are given.

I (we) are already looking forward to the next commission(s) with you.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards"
- Lars Ahlmann

Albion Knight Scabbard"Greetings Brian,

I just wanted to thank you for making such an excellent work of art. I am inspired by the product of your very talented hand. It is gratifying to see such outstanding work in this time. This is an heirloom piece. I should like to be the caretaker of more of your handiwork in future. Thank you.

Best Regards,"
- Ernie

"Hi Brian,

I finally received The Dane & The Borderwatch and I am absolutely speechless! These can only be described as works of art, the tooling on the Oak pattern especially has left me stunned, second to none workmanship!! Thank you very much for your time, effort and patience, as always it has been a pleasure to work with you on this and I look forward to many more projects together in the future.

Cheers, "
- John Stamoulis

"Received my "Arn" scabbard today! It was every bit as exciting as receiving the sword itself. Outstanding work, Brian! I went ahead and made the plunge and purchased this because I have several other models that will fit... but now with it in hand I see that is 'clearly' for the "Arn". My only regret is that I have many other swords that all need scabbards. ;') "
- Brian H.

"Well I opened the box today and checked everything out quickly and made sure nothing had come out of place or anything. Everything was intact, so I unwrapped it to give it a quick once-over before packing it back up.
It looks outstanding. The carving, the lettering, the metalwork. Everything about it is poetry. I did not notice that the dagger suspension was angled until I looked at it myself. Pretty nice setup. What I like the most about your work is how meticulous and fussy you are about the smallest things. That is my way too. Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. The staining looks very rich and deep as well. It looks a bit darker than in the pictures but that is fine with me.
Did you lacquer the chapes? They looked shiny and felt very smooth. Nice aging work too. Handsome and subtle. I couldn't be more pleased with it. It really is a magnificent unit. It looks even better in person. Everything seems to go together so well. It was a struggle to put it away. But it won't be that long before I get it back. Thanks for doing such a fine job. I will take good care of it. It ranks right up there with my Polish helmet. And that is high praise. ;)
- J. Arbogast

"Received the sword and sheath yesterday.. they are amazing! Thank you for the excellent work on the stealth and refurbishing the blade- it looks good as new, and the pack job ensured everything reached me unscathed.
Thanks again for your detailed work, I look forward to displaying this magnificent combo for years to come.
Best Regards"
- John M.

"I received sword and scabbard yesterday. I was really floored by it! Your reputation is well earned. Having owned scabbards from various makers I can say without a doubt you make the finest (scabbards) I have ever seen! The craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none.
It was late in the evening but I couldn't wait to give it to my grandfather. My grandfather is retired but was a machinist by trade and a natural craftsman. When I presented it to him he too was floored by the detail. He could tell it was the finest work. I laughed and told him I had been owing him a scabbard for a while now (10 years).
I want to thank you for your hard work and for this opportunity to own such a piece of art. My grandfather generally doesn't like people giving him gifts but this brought him to tears!
Thank you again my friend"
- David Stokes.

"If you are shopping for a quality scabbard you will be hard-pressed to match the care and workmanship that Brian puts into his work. The precision and detail you see in his scabbard gallery are twice as beautiful in person. When my scabbard arrived in the mail I found myself tearing open the package like a kid on Christmas. Brian built my scabbard without ever seeing my sword. Yet the blade fits in the scabbard like a glove! It's considerably lighter than I expected and it even has that wonderful leather smell! The detail is exquisite and the leather is top notch. The sword compliments the scabbard, not the other way around. On top of all that, Brian is a nice guy and easy to work with! What more could you ask for?"
- Joshua B.

"She's a beauty! I came back with a few old army mates and I just couldn't wait, so I pulled the wrapping off like a kid opening a Christmas present. "Oh very nice." one squealed. Haha. Nodding heads all round. It impresses everyone that sees it and demands attention as soon as you walk in the room. It already has pride of place in my bedroom, front of the Albion pack. I already cleaned the Vigil last night, ready for the scabbard arriving. Perfect timing! A real thing of beauty and something I'll treasure forever. I'm desperately hooked and want every sword I own to rest in a DBK scabbard. Thank you so much, Brian. It really takes a first hand view to appreciate this level of skill. Remarkable in every sense.

Cheers mate! I'll be back for more, many more!"
- Chris P.

"I sent off my sword not really knowing what I wanted, but knew that I wanted Brian to make it for me after seeing his work online. I gave him creative control and a vague idea of things I liked, and he rose to the challenge and went above and beyond anything I envisioned. The fit and finish of the scabbard for my Albion Sovereign is superb! The attention to detail alone makes it worth every penny and more. He was extremely friendly and patient, and very flexible about my strange shipping situation; his great customer service made the whole process completely painless. He is truly a master of his craft and I recommend anyone who owns a fancy yet naked sword should get it dressed by the best, and as far as I can tell, DBK is the best."
- Taylor Westphal

"Hello Brian,
I just got the Caithness scabbard in the mail. It fits perfectly and looks fantastic. Thank you once again for a beautiful scabbard. The best way of thanking you is to make another commission.

All the best,"
- Peter C.

"The best praise of your work however may not be found in any number fancy words, but in the fact that I not only plan to be a returning customer who has a wish for some predetermined styles and pieces; rather someone who actively wants to let his choices be influenced in order to let you do what you do best.
Sincerely yours,"
- Rune VildhÝj

"With the DBK Custom Laird and sheath I feel I have a pairing here worth heirloom status. To bastardize Patek Philippe's slogan, "You never actually own a DBK Custom, you merely look after it for the next generation.
Thanks again for the great Laird!"
Meng Lee Khaw

"Hi Brian,
Just took the sword and scabbard out of the box and what can I say. . . Perfect! It looks amazing in person, the tooling is sensational. Thank you so much for bringing this dream to life.
All the best,"
--John Stamoulis

"After reading all the other testimonials, all I can add is I am completely happy with Brian's craftmanship and his expertise which is second to none. Being a grandson of a shoemaker (cobbler) and working with leather off and on, I can truly say beyond a doubt, Brian's creations are the best in the world.

--Michael Sebastian Salerno

Albion Arn Scabbard in action!"Hi Brian!
Just some news on my scabbards from France : as you can see on the pictures joined, your Arn Scabbard is good on foot...and on a medieval horse (with a medieval saddle)!
In my hands, your scabbards are not intended to be hung to a wall !
All the best!"
--Olivier B.

"Hey Brian,
Just went to the office and picked up the sword and scabbard. The pictures were great, but it's so much better in person. It's absolutely perfect, and I can easily say the scabbard enhances the sword tenfold. It is without a doubt my absolute favorite possession. My wife went so far as to say "We need to add this to our insurance, it is and will be a family heirloom." So there you have it, even the wife is into it- so you know it's golden.

Thanks a ton for everything! I greatly appreciate it."
--Mike U.

"Lots and lots of searching for custom scabbard makers. I went through pretty much every single medieval based forum online. I read a lot of reviews, and looked at a few people but all research pointed to you being the best/easiest to work with. You also had one of the more extensive portfolios and I really appreciated your attention to detail in our early letters.

I'm a VERY persnickety person when it comes to correspondence and clarity. And my first impression was that more than anything, my email actually mattered to you. I didn't get that feeling from any of the other people I contacted. That and the quality of your work online sealed the deal for me.

All the research proved correct. You've been an absolute pleasure to work with and I can't imagine anyone being able to come close to what you made, let alone top it. I'm probably only ever going to have this one piece, and it is THE BEST"
--Mike U.

"Hi Brian,
I received the sword and scabbard today. It is gorgeous! Thanks again. It has been a pleasure to work with you, and the result is an enduring work of art."
--Phil B.

"Hi Brian,
I just received the leather pouch from you. Fantastic.
Thanks once again for superb service.
--Peter C.

"Yeah, these things are awesome. The tooling is insane. I can't figure out if the dark color is from the burnishing or you went in with a small brush and applied a darker dye. ha -- I just sat and stared at them for about 30 minutes trying to take it all in. I would have to say that I appreciate the workmanship on these much more having attempted a work of my own."
--Kenneth R.

"My Reeve and Scabbard arrived, and both are safely in hand. What can I say? It is beautiful! Absolutely a work of art! I love the way it looks, and it feels solid. Very well built. The colors look great and compliment the sword. You are an artist at your craft, and overall I think you captured the aesthetic I wanted perfectly. Definitely knocked this one out the park! I am very happy with how it turned out, and I canít wait till we can do our next project: my Albion Norman.

Great Job Brian!"
--Robin S.

"Hi Brian,
Albion Crecy Customer Pictoday I got the scabbard !!! It is great, it looks faultless, a real masterpiece, serious. It is for the first time I see such a complex suspension in the flesh, and my wife and I were wondering if everything is made out of one piece of leather (besides the second belt). Again, thank you very much, when I have a costume for next years fantasy fair in the Netherlands, I will send you a photo.

Cheers, "
--Simon G.

"Hi Brian,
Just received my Vigil scabbard from you. You packaged it really well and I thank you for that. The scabbard is beautiful. It looks much better than even the photos showed. Thank you so much. Your work is always impressive. It is so nice to have makers who still have integrity and produce top quality in this day and age.

All the best,"
--Peter C.

"WOW!!! You've outdone yourself Brian. I got the Crecy this morning and was expecting the scabbard on Monday. My wife answered the door just now and asked me, "Did you buy ANOTHER sword?" hahaha. It was the scabbard. As great as the pictures are, they don't do it justice. The scabbard is incredible. The fit is perfect and the color is beautiful.

One of these days I'm going to get a Kingmaker, and you will absolutely have a return customer for the scabbard!

Thanks again,"

--Doug S.

Metz Knight"You truly craft superior scabbards Brian. I own two, one for the Albion Knight and one for the Albion Arn. They were bought 'sword-less' and fit the blades exactly. The craftsmanship on the Metz Knightintegrated belts is lovely to behold. The period lining and use of veg-tanned leather makes these scabbards pieces of living history for the discerning medieval re-enactor. Many thanks!"
--Joe M.

"The package arrived safe and sound. It is gorgeous! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this scabbard. I know the locket was a pain in the ass but it really does add tremendously to the overall look! I appreciate the effort. The fine details are really nice. The saddle tan leather is a really good color to help the tooling show up. Everything is beyond my expectations, and my expectations were high. I am very happy with this scabbard and am eagerly awaiting our next project! I'll have to have a sword made as all my swords now have scabbards! I'm thinking a type X with a Brazil Nut! Anyway, thanks for the great work, I love this scabbard!"
--Tim L.

"The whole rig looks better in person then in the photos if that can be believed. I let Brian have free reign with the design and colors and it matches the sword perfect. This is the second scabbard and belt that Brian has made for me and it is even better then the first. I highly recommend Brian. His customer service and willingness to work with you are simply second to none. I am very proud to own both the great sword, the center piece of my small collection, that Michael Pikula that Brian has now made a rig worth of the blade truly making the package my cherished!

Thank you very much Brian."

--Scott K.

Albion Arn Scabbard"Hell yea man!!! I got it!!! I worked from home today so I could get itÖpics are forthcoming! Hereís a couple so you can seeÖit is a snug fit, like a glove. I can shake it upside down and it wonít slide out- man, you did an AWESOME job. Thing is, the pics donít do it justiceÖin hand, I can really appreciate the work that went into it. Thanks again man, its funnyÖIíve been eyeing your work for years but again, nothing like seeing it up close and personal. Iíll be sure to review it on SBG and SN (and other sites that you may or may not be a member of lol)."
--Julius D.

"I just received my Sovereign scabbard! I think it's my favourite scabbard, and the best you ever made, from my point of view! The Sovereign was my favourite sword, now it's my favourite scabbard too! I challenged you for several special requests as the two risers, or the relief shape of the rain guard and the lacing-up of the bottom of the belt, and you made all my requests with talent! Really you are a great
scabbard maker! Really I want to thank you for the high quality of your work! And thank you for your suggestions when we planned this scabbard!"

--Olivier B.

Albion Arn Scabbard"Very amazing : I just received today the Arn scabbard ! French post isn't so bad as I supposed. The scabbard is very nice, the sword fit very well, exactly as I dreamed ! Thank you a lot for such a quality ! Here a picture of me wearing the scabbard and the sword, in medieval clothes (late XIIIth century, Germanic area) All the best,"
--Olivier B.

"I have to say that if you own a Barbarian Atlantean from Albion, you really OWE it to yourself to get one of these scabbards because it truly complements and enhances the sword and as a whole presents one of the most amazing displays you can put together from the movie. It's almost like Conan himself gave his blade for you to hold."
--Dennis C.

Albion Landgraf

"It's here! Ah, bitter irony, that I stayed home from work due to being sick, and ended up driving over just to pick it up. :) It's fantastic, I'm extremely pleased."
--Ed T.


"Brian's completed 6 commissions for me, and I am very happy with them all. Each has a very unique character. Most look like they came from different, though equally talented artisans. He's good at capturing a variety of looks and time periods. And all my dealings with him have demonstrated the utmost in professionalism."
--Mike H.

"I just wanted you let you know how pleased and impressed I am with the scabbard that you made for my Brescia. The colors are perfect. I thought that the oxblood belt and suspension might be a bit too ďredĒ after seeing the pictures, but in person it is just stunning, a slightly reddish brown, exactly like I wanted. I know you mentioned that oxblood is a difficult color to work with, but I think it turned out just right. The tooling work is fantastic. Subtle and elegant, just as I asked for. Your suggestions in that regard were spot on. I really donít think that it could have turned out any better. Thank you again, you have provided me with a beautiful accessory to my sword, and working with you could not have been easier or more pleasant. After seeing the finished scabbard, I think most of my Schola study group has a new appreciation for what a finely crafted, custom scabbard can add to a fine weapon."
--Donald C.

"Hi Brian, Just received the scabbard from you and I must say that the packaging was awesome. I don't think a tank would have made an impression. Now about the scabbard. You make a top quality product and I am thrilled with the result. Well done and I thank you. You have made my week. Cheers,"

"Swords are back home and everything looks great! Love the grip on the longsword - thank you for doing a great job on that. Scabbards and belt great as always.
So when can I send the next one?"


"I wanted to let you know I received the sword and scabbard and they are absolutely beautiful. The scabbard is perfect. The quality of craftsmanship on every part of it is truly amazing. The crest on the scabbard and the spot work on the pommel came out great too! Every detail looks fantastic. Thank you very much for you work on this. The end product is truly impressive."

"Hah wow, that looks just exquisite! What beautiful colors those are, both lush and worn at the same time. Oh wow that belt is perfect, just enough decoration. The terminated throat is gorgeous. Those buckles are really cool, they look so old. The double belt suspension is really cool, and I love the pressed detail. The lines down by the chape and the chape itself, perfect. The worn leather makes it look like it's someone's daily use sword, like a part of a normal set of attire, like a wallet is nowadays. What a great job you've done with this one, and the Dane too. I think I'm getting your best work yet."

"The scabbard arrived safe and not an mark on it and as for the packing the post person asked is there an cannon in that package. I just smiled at him and said no there is something better. When I unpacked it and my wife saw it she was amazed how nice it was and the sword fitment was so perfect in the way it slid in and out all but the last two inches when you lightly pushed it to close and you heard that nice sound of a click. Your attention to detail also impressed both of us the belt embossing was superb and the little acorn I think it is on the belt and scabbard was an really nice touch over all I am very impressed as is my wife who has an really good spot in our stairwell to display your handy work. So you have another more than happy customer and when it is time to order another scabbard ONLY one person springs to mind.
Thank you so much Brian."


"The Scabbard has arrived and quite honestly I have never seen anything like it. C'est magnifique! Truly a work of medieval art! Some of my colleagues think me a very strange woman because I can call a tool of mayhem and violent death beautiful but the truth is that I do. You and your apprentice should have lived eight hundred years ago in my country, the Languedoc region of what is now southern France, where knights and princes would have stood in line for your skills. Looking at the scabbard, so beautifully marked with the sign under which my ancestors, Les Faidits, fought the French invaders from the north, I cannot help but feel directly connected to their memory. I did not mention that the Steward and your scabbard will be accompanying me to Washington as a teaching tool for use in a lecture I am giving in medieval studies at Georgetown. Thank you again for a wonderful piece of art. With kindest regards,
A bientot"


"Brian, Just a quick note to let you know I got the package last night and it works perfectly with all swords. It fits the Caithness, Laird and Knight perfectly. The Squire Line Knightly is much more snug, but it still works. It will work as well as the others when I finish grinding and polishing the blade. This is a win BIG TIME for a multi-use scabbard. The decoration you went with seems perfect for all swords involved. And the new belt spacing works great. Now if I can just keep from beating it up from all the use itís likely to get.

--Mike H.

"Just received the Arn scabbard today. This is the best made scabbard I have ever seen and I have quite a few. Very awesome and WELL worth the money! Thanks for making such a great product."
--Christopher E.

"I'm blown away, that is just beautiful. You've got the balance between austerity and decoration perfectly, I'm really really pleased! Plus I certainly didn't expect to see the finished product so soon!"
--Mark H.

"It's so subtle yet so beautiful, a perfect match to the sword. It's even more than I hoped for, and I'm so glad to say that this one is mine. I'll highly recommend you to all my friends and anyone who is interested in a quality scabbard (or great piece of art). Cannot wait to see it in person. Once again, thanks so much for being such a great person to work with!"

"The scabbard is as I have said earlier from looking at pictures, fantastic. It is worth every dollar. When I inserted my sword into the scabbard, I was amazed when it fit 100% perfectly. It slides all the way in, tightening at the last 10 centimeters until the cross-guard is perfectly aligned at the wooden cores opening. The fit is just perfect, and I must say that you have really achieved a perfect result on this scabbard. Your work is a work of art, and I will cherish it highly. Thank you very much for an outstanding scabbard at a good price. It has been a real pleasure, from start to finish. Your service is beyond expectations."

"What you can't appreciate from the photos alone is the high quality fit of the scabbards that Brian is making. This one fits this particular sword like a nice glove. The sword exits and enters the scabbard so smoothly and quietly that movement in and out of the scabbard is effortless, yet, the scabbard grips the sword just enough that it will not fall out when turned upside down. That's not a trivial thing given the rather complex Type XVIII profile curve and the diamond cross section of the blade in this particular case. Nor do the photos tell you about the customer service you get. I feel like Brian always listens carefully to me at the start of a commission and manages to capture exactly what I am looking for in a scabbard. I can't recommend this highly talented artisan enough!"
--Tom R.

"The detail and workmanship on your scabbard is absolutely amazing. I have never seen anyone produce such high quality scabbards. To say that I was impressed is an understatement!"

"Took delivery today. Very impressive. I never realized how important the belt and scabbard are. What struck me most is how easily I can withdraw the weapon. A medieval Milt Sparks rig."
--Matthew M.

"At this moment I am sitting in my office staring at this scabbard. Tough to say but the pictures don't do it justice. This is a true work of art, and I am now waiting for delivery of my Knecht from Albion so Brian can perform his magic on that. I recommend Brian highly to all who are in need of a beautiful scabbard. Thanks again."
--Mike A.

"You make the best damn scabbards I have ever seen!"  
-- Steven

"I received my scabbard and re-gripped swords today from Brian. Simply put it's the best scabbard I've seen close up. It fits the sword perfectly and is truly beautiful. It's also extremely well made and the photos do not do it justice. If anyone is contemplating ordering a scabbard or a regrip from him, I can't say enough good things, and I would tell them to run their swords down to the post office and send them over to him right away."
--Thom J.

"Brian, it is even better up close than the pictures showed. Your detail work on the leather is fabulous. I am very happy."  
-- Tom R.

"I just received my sword and scabbard! Everything was received safe and sound and nicely packaged. The most immediate thought that came to mind as I viewed the scabbard with my own eyes (in complete awe) was pictures indeed do not do this scabbard justice! One must truly see this scabbard in person to really appreciate the fine detail. From the craftsmanship of the intricately tooled design to the way the scabbard was constructed, this is indeed a work of art! Thanks to you, my Albion Knight has a home it can be proud of! When I do purchase my next Albion, you can bet that I'll be contacting you again! Thanks again and it certainly was an absolute pleasure doing business with you!
--Tony D.

"The UPS man dropped off the case about 15 minutes ago. I am working from home today, so I was able to go get it immediately. And I have to tell you I was eager to see the piece. It was like being 12 at Christmas again. I certainly wasn't disappointed. This is a freakin' WORK OF ART! It looks like something that should be in a high-end museum display of realistic weapons and accessories from medieval Europe in the 1200s. Thanks again for doing such a fine job on this scabbard." 
-- Mike H.

"I'm impressed. This is really stunning Brian. Great class, top notch workmanship and impeccable service. Dealing with you as been a real pleasure, you can count on me to be back."  
-- Jean-FranÁois

"Yes they arrived last night and they are much nicer then I expected. I was up til 1am because I couldn't put mine down. I even did some midnight cutting with it. You really did pick two great pieces. Thanks so much for doing that. And the comfort and performance of those grips with both the risers and the leather wrap are great improvements on the typical G2 handles."  
-- Christian S.

"Another plus - this is the one sword that my wife thinks looks good enough to display in our bedroom. Seriously.
-- Daniel D.

Knight Effigy


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